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Essential Oil FAQs

Inhale the Healing Power of Essential Oils

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What Is An Essential Oil?

Wikipedia states, " The use of essential oils for therapeutic, spiritual, hygienic, and ritualistic purposes goes back to ancient civilizations including the Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans who used them in cosmetics, perfumes, and drugs." Essential oils are made from flower, herb, and tree parts, like bark, roots, peels, and petals. When the cells that give a plant its fragrant smell, or essence, are extracted from a plant, they become an essential oil.


Are Essential Oils Safe?

Flower essences are safe for the whole family including pets. Oils can be inhaled through a diffuser or rubbed on the skin. At the direction of an experienced clinician, some essential oils can be taken internally. The remedies are preserved in grape-based brandy and are gluten-free. Once evaluated by the practitioner, an individualized formulation will be provided specifically to meet your needs. 

What Are The Health Benefits of Aromatherapy?

​Aromatherapy is a way of dispensing essential oil through the use of a diffuser.

Benefits include:


doTerra Essential Oils

Advanced Integrative Care is excited to offer our patients certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils that lift the mood, calm the senses, and elicit powerful, emotional responses. To purchase, click here or on the picture below. 


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