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We are Open

Advanced Integrative Care is and intends to stay open. We are continuing to see patients both in the office and via telemedicine. 

When we re-opened last summer, we made keeping you and the Advanced Integrative Care team safe and healthy during the pandemic. Before opening and since, we painstakingly drafted, tweaked, and enforced our Covid-19 protocols. Let us remind you of our measures for in-office visits:

Remembering that we are all in this together


  • Reschedule your appointment if you or someone in your household is coughing, sneezing, or has a temperature 98.7 or higher.

  • Reschedule your appointment if you think you or someone in your household has been exposed to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).





  • Disinfect our tables, chairs, counters, and instruments after every patient encounter with a UVC wand.

  • Disinfect door handles and reception chair arms.

  • Wash our hands or use hand sanitizer after every patient encounter and make hand sanitizer readily available to all.

  • Change linens, if used, after every patient encounter.

  • Positioned air purifiers throughout the offices.



We recognize and appreciate the trust you have placed in us as your health care providers. In these times, more than ever, communication is paramount. Have questions, concerns, or clarifications? For more information about a virtual visit securely conducted over the phone or computer, read this blog.

In any or all cases,  please contact us at (716) 277-0267 or at info@nyholisticcare.com

Please take care.