Holistic Therapies for Whole Body Wellness

Fee for Service Holistic Therapies

We believe in treating and healing the whole person, body, mind, and spirit. Our practice offers patients a variety of holistic therapies to promote natural healing and overall wellness.  All services are billed as an out of pocket expense.

Aromatherapy/doTerra Essential Oils

​Aromatherapy is a way of dispensing an essential oil through use of a diffuser. The practice uses natural plant extracts and aromatic essential oils medicinally to improve well-being and enhance both physical and emotional health.

Homeopathy & Flower Essence


​A basic belief behind homeopathy is "like cures like." Homeopathic treatments trigger the body’s natural defenses to treat an illness by introducing very small doses of something that brings on symptoms in a healthy person. Flower essences are infusions made from the flowering part of a plant.  Flower essences can promote deep emotional changes including feelings of happiness, confidence, forgiveness, clarity, and focus.  

Infusion Therapy

Infusion Therapy rejuvenates, energizes and enhances overall health by providing the body with essential vitamin and mineral based formulations that are natural and preservative free. 


Bio Energetic Testing is based on traditional Chinese medicine that measures the bodies energy "Chi" that is generated in the internal organs and circulates throughout the body though meridians. Meridians are paths of energy near the surface of the skin and the meridian network is involved in regulating the bodies functions.


By measuring electrical resistance and polarization at meridians., it is possible to analyze the bio-energy and bio-information produced by internal organs and systems, thus detecting any imbalances.


Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Bioidentical hormones are manmade hormones derived from plant estrogens that are chemically identical to those the human body produces. They can be used to treat hormone fluctuation and imbalance in men and women.

Weight Loss Program

Our practice provides weight loss programs designed specifically for your individual biological needs and the personal attention you deserve to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Medical Cannabis

We provide medical cannabis therapies for patients qualifying under New York State’s Medical Marijuana Law. Medical marijuana is used to treat a number of different conditions, including:

  • Cancer

  • HIV Infection or AIDS

  • ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)

  • Parkinson's Disease

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Spinal Cord Injury with Spasticity

  • Epilepsy

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  • Neuropathy

  • Huntington's Disease

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Chronic Pain

  • Opiod Use or Substance Abuse Disorder

Please view our Medical Cannabis section for more information about NYS, therapeutic uses, and benefits.