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Opioid Dependency Treatment

A Holistic Approach Using Medication and Education.

We currently offer treatment to patients with an opioid dependency using Suboxone(buprenorphine/naloxone) and sublocade  (Buprenorphine) as well as education.


Buprenorphine Maintenance Treatment Commonly Involves Three Phases: 


 1) The Induction phase is the medically monitored start-up of buprenorphine therapy. Buprenorphine is first administered when an opioid-addicted individual has abstained from using opioids for 12–24 hours and is in the early stages of opioid withdrawal. 


 2) During the stabilization phase the dose is adjusted until a patient has either discontinued or greatly reduced the use of other opioids and is no longer experiencing cravings. 


3) The maintenance phase occurs when a steady dose of buprenorphine is reached. The length of time of the maintenance phase will vary from patient to patient and for some it may continue indefinitely.

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