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A Special to Help You Keep Moving!

January is whizzing by. Although we do not advocate New Year's Resolutions, we are big fans of setting intentions to focus on our wellness. Quite commonly, that means moving our bodies in more healthful ways. To celebrate the new year and support the commitment to beneficial lifestyle changes, we are offering a $15 discount on our Aminos+Plus IV Therapy now through the end of February.

Whether you are new to exercising, a seasoned athlete, or anywhere in between Amino+Plus can help enhance your experience and performance.

Not into athletics? There are still good reasons to give the Amino+Plus a try. Amino acid supplementation may benefit those whose bodies are lacking in one or more of the essential amino acids. Additional amino acids may be recommended when receiving treatment for diseases such as cancer or while under excessive stress, as well as benefits for blood glucose levels, and skin conditions.

Oh, not a patient? No worries, c'mon in. Want to bring friends and family? That works, too.

Contact us at or (716) 277-0267

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