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How Well Do You Know Yourself (Medically)?

We all like to think that no one knows us better than ourselves. But do you -- even with the technology you might be wearing on your wrist? Medically speaking, do you know your blood type? Blood pressure? Pulse? Heart rate-- the difference?

As primary care and integrative healthcare practitioners, we care about the whole you. Care encompassing many Merriam-Webster definitions, including to feel interest and concern and charge and supervision. We recently wrote about the importance of blood work, but there's more. The linked article from Real Simple gives another glimpse of how to know yourself and why it is important to visit us, to have that annual physical. Read more here.

Yes, even during COVID-19, a physical is important. Yes, safety is our primary concern. To ensure your safety as well as the safety of the Advanced Integrative team, we continue to strictly follow COVID-19 protocols. Read about them here.

We look forward to caring for you and invite you to schedule an appointment. Of course,Telemed is still an option.

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