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It Doesn't Just Feel Toxic Out There. It is. Check Out This Dirty Dozen

It's toxic out there

For many of us, the world feels unsafe and virulent. And we're not talking politics, the environment, or COVID-19. That is not our place. We are talking strictly about your health: that is our place and source of concern.

So, in that context, if you thought about the Environmental Working Group's (EGW) Dirty Dozen list of fruits and vegetables to avoid, we'd give you a gold star.

Additionally, the EGW has another dirty dozen list; this one names hormone-altering chemicals and how to avoid them. Find the list here. According to the EGW:

There is no end to the tricks that endocrine disruptors can play on our bodies:

  • increasing production of certain hormones;

  • decreasing production of others

  • imitating hormones

  • turning one hormone into another

  • interfering with hormone signaling

  • telling cells to die prematurely

  • competing with essential nutrients

  • binding to essential hormones

  • accumulating in organs that produce hormones.

Another Approach

Allow us to introduce you to Chelation Therapy. Chelation Therapy is one of the types of IV therapies Advanced Integrative offers to our patients, depending on their needs.

Chelation therapy is designed expressly to reduce the levels of toxic heavy metals in the body. In addition to the chemicals outlined by the EGW, toxicity can be caused by environmental factors such as poor air quality, or even some medical procedures, and can lead to illness and degenerative conditions.  The IV solution contains a synthetic amino acid (EDTA) blended with vitamins and minerals. 

Is Chelation right for you? Contact us and we'll discuss your specific situation.

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