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A Way De-Stress AND Boost Your Immunity

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

There's a good chance you are feeling increasingly edgy this week. Although I do not have a crystal ball, and I am not a gambler, there's a good bet this uneasiness could last a little bit longer.

It is well documented that stress does indeed weaken our immune system. The APA reports that in the early 2000s researchers found, " For stress of any significant duration - from a few days to a few months or years, as happens in real life - all aspects of immunity went downhill. Thus long-term or chronic stress, through too much wear and tear, can ravage the immune system." Read more here.

Since we don't have the luxury of retreating to a cave as do our polar bear friends, we can set the intention to take care of ourselves. Fortunately, we have options!

How to Fight Stress

Here are 16 suggestions from Healthline including exercise, supplements, and aromatherapy.

How to Support Your Immune System

Healthline comes through again with this list, which suggests: sleep, hydration, moderate exercise, and supplements.

Schedule an IV Therapy Session with Us

Infusion Therapy (IV therapy) rejuvenates, energizes, and enhances overall health by providing the body with essential vitamin and mineral-based formulations that are natural and preservative-free. They are the fastest way to replenish depleted nutrient reserves.  

There are different treatments with different formulations, dependent upon, and tailored to your specific needs. Learn more here.

Moreover, you'll find the experience in our treatment rooms a welcomed respite from the distractions in the outside world. Contact us to learn more.

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