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Yup! Fall is Coming. 10 ways to boost your immune system

Can you sense it? It is getting darker earlier. The weather pattern feels like it is changing. The sky and even the air smells different. And OMG-- mums are out in the garden centers and the grocery stores are full of autumn displays!

With the approach of fall, it is always a good idea to give your immune system some added love. Especially this year. In addition to the regular flu season, we are hyper concerned about an increase in COVID-19 infections. Fortunately, you are not powerless in the fight. Health. com reached out to doctors and other medical experts to find the top immune-boosting habits they recommend to their patients. Some help block the initial infection; others fire up your system so you're able to get better faster if you do come down with something. Click here to read how.

We have an 11th action you can take. IV Therapy aka infusion therapy. IV treatments are composed of a variety of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. They are the fastest way to replenish depleted nutrient reserves.  The benefits of IV treatments include:

  • Boosting Energy

  • Helping the Body Detoxify

  • Promoting Better Sleep

  • Improving the Immune System

  • Decreasing Inflammation

  • Combatting Acute and Chronic Infections​

Have IV therapy questions? Click here for common IV therapies FAQs answered. For other questions or to schedule a session or consultation, contact us.

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