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Shannen Gleason

It is likely that it is Shannen, our Patient Experience Coordinator, who will first greet you by phone or at our reception desk. You'll be drawn to her sunny smile, and so are we, but her attention to detail, willingness to help and administrative skills make her a valuable resource for us, our patients, and our visitors. 


When we asked Shannen why she thought Advanced Integrative Care would be right for her, she told us, "I love the medical field because I love learning about how amazing the human body is and how instantaneous reactions occur within it. I am interested in integrative/holistic medicine because I believe it involves more of learning your own body and listening to what it needs. I also love meeting and getting to know the patients and watching them improve and grow more satisfied with their overall health." -- our kind of gal!!

Shannen grew up and lives in Depew,  enjoys spending time researching and reading about topics of interest, playing ball with her dog, spending time outdoors, and quality time with her husband and family. 

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